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The Arizona page provides the following links to basic Arizona information:

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Wiki Basics
Researchers -- General Guidelines

When making requests of volunteers:

  • Make requests specific -- avoid being too general.
  • Make requests ONLY for the volunteer's specified research areas. (Do not ask for out-of-area requests.)
  • Never ask more than one volunteer for the same request.
  • Ask the volunteer what reimbursements they require: copies, gas, parking, etc.
  • Negotiate an estimated completion time ... Remember: volunteers are not "on the clock," may research for multiple people, and respond reasonably as their time permits.

Note: If no volunteer exists for an area, Follow the page, for alerts of page changes.

Help Files and FAQs
Info for Volunteers

NEW (and existing) volunteers, contact: the Wiki Admin with the following information:

  • State:
  • County:
  • Your "display" name: ("Suz-eQ" ... "Sue" ... "Susanna Smith," etc.)
  • Volunteer Services: (Describe your services -- i.e., tombstone photos, obituaries, public records lookups, etc.)
  • Reimbursements (if any) for: gas/mileage, copies, fees, postage, parking, etc.

Note: Always provide researcher with an estimated completion time.

EXISTING volunteers may also Update Your Volunteer Information yourself.)

Questions? Concerns? Leave a message on the Talk page or contact a Wiki Admin.
(Click the Talk button ... beside the Edit icon at the top of the page.)

Arizona Volunteers

The Volunteer table below provides a list of Arizona volunteers who will provide research assistance in the specified counties.

County Volunteer's Name Volunteer Services
  • Can help with family histories listed in the Allen Co. Public Library Genealogy Catalog (ACPL). If there is a listing for a book, provide me with a list of titles/call numbers, family surname(s), and what family information you're looking for. (Also check the availability of ACPL microtext records (microfilm and microfiche).)
  • The ACPL is the foremost repository for city directories. I can research hard cover city directories found in the ACPL Genealogy Catalog or microfiche and microfilm city directories found in the ACPL microtext catalog. (Please specify city, date range needed, and person(s) of interest.)

Note: I do not live in Arizona ... I live in Allen Co., IN.

ALL Jerry ARIZONA MINING ACCIDENTS, 1912-1929, nonfatal and fatal and Cochise County, 1895 - 1900, nonfatal and fatal; with miner’s name, can provide date and mine name or county of location.
ALL Shelli Steedman Contact me for online link to AZ death certs 1870-1951. I can also help w/ censuses in any state.

Note: I do not live in AZ.

ALL Shelli Steedman I can check for marriages 1864-1982. Not all counties are listed. I can also help with census.
La Paz Dennis Chap Digital photos of the Quartzsite Cemetery.
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