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Latest Wiki News

The Latest Wiki News provides wiki users with information about events affecting the wiki, announcements, upcoming information, etc.

Bookmark this page ... and visit it frequently!

Questions? Concerns? Leave a message on the Talk page or contact a Wiki Admin.
(Click the Talk button ... beside the Edit icon at the top of the page.)

Wiki Redesign

The wiki is undergoing a major facelift, primarily to improve navigation. The new wiki "skin" is brighter and easier to read.

  • The redesign uses a portal design with portlets (containers) of information.
  • The portlets "box" the information and, thus, better utilize the screen's "real estate".
  • The first pages to have the redesign are: Alabama, Arizona, and Find-A-Volunteer. The redesign to other pages will be in alphabetical order.
  • For states/countries with multiple pages, a set of tabs will appear at the top of the page. (The page links will remain above the Volunteer table and also appear at the bottom of each page.)
See the Texas pages as an example.

Blogs are now available and may become another way for the Wiki Admin to communicate information about events on the wiki. (Anyone with a wiki account can write a blog!)
Blog currently appears only on the Main Page.

Check the Main Page frequently!
Update User Profile (Masthead)

You do not have to update your profile; however, if you want to edit the Masthead (above your profile info) hover over the masthead area and the Edit icon appears (far right of the masthead).

  1. Click the Edit button.
  2. For the Gender question, supply any value to complete a sentence begining with I am ... -- examples:
  • a Volunteer,
  • a Researcher,
  • writing the great American novel,
  • or other value.

(Mine says: I am researching the descendants of William Cowan and Jane Walker.)

Admins Wanted

The Wiki Admin could use some admins to help out, especially during her vacations where she may not have internet or cell phone connectivity.

  • No experience necessary ... minimal time involved. (I can teach you what you need to do during an absence.)
  • IF you have any website design and/or HTML experience (but NOT required), you know how to read the Source code and use the Source editor.

If you can help, contact the Wiki Admin

Wiki Admin Needs Account Emails

The Wiki Admin posts a Welcome message and an Email Request when a person creates a wiki account. The wiki currently does not have a means to send out a mass notification -- e.g., regular emails, wiki emails, or posting to each account's Message Wall. Thus, to be sure everyone is aware of major changes to the wiki, it is necessary to ask for your email addresses. (Currently, there are about 80 accounts who have not sent an email address.) Send your email address (and whether you are a Volunteer or Researcher) to the Wiki Amin:

Note: both email forms are private emails directly to the Wiki Admin.


For reason to be explained at a later date, the wiki may need to change its name.
The Poll on the Main Page has some suggested names.
Please vote on a name ... or ... suggest a name to the Wiki Admin

The poll will close with 100 tallied votes.


Forums -- aka Threaded Discussions -- are coming soon.
Note: Please use the each forum for its intended purposes. (Do not just post your question "anywhere".)

  • Watercooler (available now) ... discuss wiki questions, comments, suggestions, etc.
  • Help Desk (available now) ... ask for wiki help.
  • USA Research (coming) ... similar to the USA FB group
  • Int'l Research (coming) ... similar to the Int'l FB group
  • Thank a Volunteer (coming) ... give kudos to a volunter who helped you.
  • Help Wanted (coming) ... if no volunteer exists for your area, leave a research request
Wiki Statistics

The wiki has been up since 02 Mar 2012. It currently has:

  • ___ Volunteers (active, with Wiki accounts)
  • ___ Volunteers (active, w/o Wiki accounts)
  • ___ Researchers (with Wiki accounts)
  • ____ activated links
Questions? Concerns? Leave a message on the Talk page or contact a Wiki Admin.
(Click the Talk button ... beside the Edit icon at the top of the page.)

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