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The user page is a great place to create a personal profile or introduction to yourself as a RAOGK wiki contributor or volunteer. Pages in your user space should be used as part of your efforts to contribute to the project -- e.g., a location to keep helpful hints, links to frequently-used websites, etc.). Note: There is broad agreement that you user page content should not bring the project into disrepute -- e.g. blatant advertisements, lengthy blogs are inappropriate.

   1 Creating your user page
   2 What to put on your user page
   3 Userboxes
   4 User scratchpad/development area
   5 Helping others find you
   6 Other people's user pages
       6.1 User Contributions
       6.2 Editing someone else's page
   7 User talk pages
   8 See also



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Wiki Features allows you to select which of Wikia's optional features you'd like to have on your wiki. Take a look and remember to play around, you can enable or disable these features at any time.

Feature Description
Polls Allows any registered user on the wiki to create a poll!
Blogs Blogs allow users on your wiki to create their own blog posts on their profile page and can also be used as a great way to communicate news and events to your wiki community.
Article Comments This extension lets people write comments at the bottom of article pages. Other users can reply to the comments, and signatures and timestamps are automatically assigned. This feature replaces talk pages on the wiki. (Any previously active Talk pages will appear at the bottom of the page as Archived Talk pages.)
Message Wall Similar to Facebook's Message Wall, users can post messages for another member or volunteer and/or reply to messages. The Message Wall uses a threaded conversation format and notification system that lets you control which conversations you're interested in following. No more missed messages!
Chat Instantaneously communicate with other people who love your wiki and your wiki's topic as much as you do! Anyone with a Wikia account can join chat via the "Join the Chat" button in the right navigational area of your site.
Top 10 List Top 10 Lists allow anyone on your wiki to create a votable list. If you're looking for a great way to get junior editors to interact with the wiki, this is it! Enabling this feature will add "Top 10 List" as an option when you click "Add a Page"
Badges Incentives for members and volunteers to contribute a variety of content by editing.



UNDER CONSTRUCTION ... these terms need to be cleaned up to apply just to the RAOGK wiki.

Term Definition
Badges xxx
Blogs xxx
Contributions xxx
Discussion Every page has an associated Talk or Comments page which is used for communicating with other users. Use the Talk/Comments page(s) to ask a question about page content, before changing page content of the page, suggesting ideas for the page, etc. Other registered uses who are watching the page will automatically be notified by email that you have posted a comment.
Edit The Edit link allows registered users to make changes to the page. You must be registered to edit the Wiki. Anyone may register! If at first you do not feel comfortable editing a page, you may want to practice on editing your own user page, learn how to edit in articles or by joining a group of community members working together on a project. For further help with editing, see Basic editing, Copy & paste, Intermediate editing, and Advanced editing. Note: Some pages like the homepage may only be edited by administrators. There is also an Edit tab on the top of the page.
Follow/Following The Follow link allows registered users to watch any page that you would like to be notified of changes. To discontinue watching a page, click Following. When you are signed in, you can see the list of your watched pages on the Following tab of your User page.
History Every page has a History which shows changes that have been made and by whom they were made with a record of the date and time of every edit and the edit summary. The history also contains links to all previous versions of the page. To learn more about an author, click on the Username in the History. To leave a message for the author, click on Talk next to their Username and they will be automatically notified via email (if the author has chosen to receive emails). To see other contributions by the author, click on Contribs next to the Username.
Message Wall xxx
Page Refers to the page you are viewing.
Profile xxx
User Page xxx
Views Clicking on "Views" will hide or show the section below it.

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