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General Guidelines[]

When making requests of volunteers:

  • Make requests specific -- avoid being too general.
  • Make requests ONLY for the volunteer's specified research areas. (Do not ask for out-of-area requests.)
  • Never ask more than one volunteer for the same request.
  • Ask the volunteer what reimbursements they require: copies, gas, parking, etc.
  • Negotiate an estimated completion time ... Remember: volunteers are not "on the clock," may research for multiple people, and respond reasonably as their time permits.

Note: If no volunteer exists for an area, Follow the page for alerts of page changes. (Requires a wiki account.) Create a wiki account here.

  • check back again. (New volunteers sign up daily.)
  • join the FB RAOGK groups -- RAOGK USA and/or RAOGK International and post your research request. (One of the group members may live in that area and be willing to help.)

WISCONSIN Volunteers[]

The list below includes volunteers who were willing to do research in the area covered by this page at the time the original RAOGK site went down in late 2011. What has been lost lost is the contact information for those individuals.

  • If you are one of the volunteers below, please contact the Wiki Admin.
  • If you used one of these researchers previously, please ask them to contact the Wiki Admin so that there will be a link for them and a means for researchers to contact them.

NOTE: ... Volunteers ... if you want to, you can easily Update Your Volunteer Information yourself. Wiki editing is easy!

  • However, if you don't want to edit/add something yourself, just contact the Wiki Admin and indicate what you want added/modified.

NEW/RETURNING volunteers, contact: the Wiki Admin with the following information, in the order specified:

  • State or Country:
  • County or province, parish, region, etc:
  • Your name: (This is a "display name". If your name is Susan Jones, you could want a display name of "Suzie" .. "SueJ" ... "Susan J" ... or even "Susan Jones"
  • Act of Kindness: (Describe the services you are willing to provide.)

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County Volunteer Act of Kindness
Milwaukee Lynn Thrasher Public Records (library) lookups, copying, obituaries, vital records, and naturalizations at various research facilities within Milwaukee County .

Research Limitations:

  • I don’t go to is the county courthouse.
  • Only 2 or 3 items maximum at a time

Note: Please understand that I am unable to promise any sort of deadline or timeframe.

Oconto Kerry Bailey Records from the Courthouses of the following; Oconto, Forest and Langlade Counties, in northeastern WI.

Vitals, Court, Wills, Obits, News articles, Cemeteries, and Photo’s. Hand transcripts; WI Cert $20 each if requested. Additional copy requests as applied by State, Libraries etc. Mileage reimbursement.

Note: The cemeteries in northeastern WI are closed Nov 1st to April 1st (snow season).

Outagamie Marjorie Crane Local research at county courthouse and Appleton library(obituaries, etc.) as well as local churches and gravestone cemetery readings.
Polk Richard Kretzschmar Polk County Courthouse and Polk County Cemetery lookups only. No obituaries.

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